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released July 22, 2016

Alistair Reynolds played organ (3,5) electric piano (4) and sang backing vocals (3,5).
Ryand Pennell provided percussion (4) and played bass guitar (4).



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MLR Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: Different People
On a walk home in the evening
There was little to see through the fog
We were silent and I was thinking that
She did not look the same to me at all

It may have just been the clothes she had on
They were borrowed from a friend
She left hers drying in the shower
When she showed up soaked to the skin

She was driving through the city
To end up at her favorite spot
I could tell what she was thinking
I did not look the same to her at all
Track Name: The Feeling That Follows You
This is a feeling that can't be
Avoided so easily
It's got a way of holding your hand
Somehow it always knows where you'll be next

Would you consult with another? - No.

These are the thoughts that surround you
And you can't shake the feeling
That everyone is here to see that you
Never get to do what you want to.
Track Name: There Is, Somewhere, Someone
Through the window
Past the light poles
Over pavement

There is, somewhere, someone.

Through the dry leaves
I see over monuments
Behind the bridge in the park

Words by Alistair Reynolds
Track Name: Guide Posts
So we meet where
The steel meets the sand
To talk about the weather and
Hunt down guideposts
In the daytime
Just to find our way at night

So we meet where
The lips meet the glass
It's always frozen over and
There's little to look for
In the daytime
It's hard to find our way at night

[words by Alistair Reynolds]
Track Name: Far Away From Here
If there was something you wanted to say
Couldn't you find a better way than
Composing page after page and then
Leave them on the edge of the bed and then go
Far away from here

What to do now that I'm here alone with
Stacks of CD's under the phone that
I'll go through one by one but
Nothing means anything when you're
Far away from here
Track Name: To Be Looked At
There's a place where I sent some of my ideas
To be looked at
There's nothing I want more than to be looked at
Even though I know everybody went home many years ago
Track Name: Moonlight Shadows
At the end of a long run
I pause to think and
The moment that we longed for
I knew I would never see

O! to trade my life for one dream
That I would not wake from
But as I've been told
"To cease life is something unacceptable"

At the end of a long run
As I turn to my room
I thought I heard a sound familiar but
That bell died with you